Broken nose...AGAIN....

  1. Broken nose...AGAIN....

    I swear to god man, it's like every two years I get my nosr

    I was hurrying around this morning as I slept in and was suppossed to meet some guys to play golf.

    SO, I rush into the bathroom to get a quick shave and you know how when you get cream on your hands w/ water, your hands are kinda slippery.....??....Well, I went to open my bathroom cabinet that's like head fingers slipped off the handle cuz I did it so quick that the door come flinging over and wacked me in the right side of the bridge of my nose...

    As soon as it happened blood gushed everywhere man....all over my clothes, etc...I was so pissed and felt like a complete was like a Ben Stiller

    I look like a ****ing racoon now and I got bloody boogers.

    But yeah, I get it broke somehow like every 2-3 years it seems....stupid nose...

  2. sorry to hear about it. must suck..... never have had a broken anything so i cant say i feel your pain but feel better and hope it heals quick

  3. Hehe, as long as I can'll be gravy....

  4. damn man feel better
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  5. doh!!

    that sucks man, maybe if you keep breaking it the right way you won't be so ugly, aye??



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