Lance Armstrong To Be Stripped Of 6th Tour Crown

  1. Lance Armstrong To Be Stripped Of 6th Tour Crown

    Lance Armstrong To Be Stripped Of 6th Tour Crown

    CNN is reporting that Lance Armstrong may be stripped of his 6th Tour de
    France title.

    In a random check for banned substances, 3 were found in Armstrong's hotel

    The 3 substances banned by the French, that were found in his hotel room
    were as follows:

    (1) Toothpaste

    (2) Deodorant

    (3) Soap

    The French officials also found several other items which they had never
    seen before including a testicle and a backbone..



  2. LOL!!!!

    You had me scared when I saw the title.

  3. ...

    Lance is prolly doped like all the rest regardless.

  4. Haha...good one man...

  5. fiddler

  6. you actually had me flipping to espnews..... good show

  7. Ohhh Snnap!


  8. That was indeed harsh bro!
    ~ Nothing can kill the Grimace!!

  9. my heart skipped a beat...... lol

  10. lmao.

    I think there has to be a way to add 'victory' to the list as another thing that is unknown to the French.

  11. Well played--I was freaking for a second!

  12. You had me going...excellent!!!

  13. glad you guys like it. the dam franch are the biggest bunch of ingrates i've ever seen. some of those MF's have even tried to say that we didn't help them at!? what do you call those rows and rows of bro's who's buried at normandy?

    i think we should have let the germans have them...

    the german, well, at least their dislike is understandable, after WWII they went from heart of Europe to artichoke of europe. lost 300 miles. oops. should have taken that from them the first time, then they might have learned not to start anymore wars.

    i hope lance comes back next year and kick some more butt. the only worry is some crazy german fan will tackle him on the road.


  14. Fiddler.. from my time in GE, the majority of older Germans like the US and are grateful for us.. and I would say a good size bunch of the younger crowd..

  15. i apologize bro, i'm just pissed at what the german govt. is doing and the french is doing. i know the people know and i should know better than to rant.

    not so much the german govt. as the french. it seems that they have to be a pain in the ass to the world. I understand that american companies are at fault in selling restricted technologies to the nutcases of the world but the french have made a business out of it.


  16. That was a surprise--and very funny.

  17. ****ing great man.

  18. Anyone seen the Jack in the Box commercial where Jack is talking to the french news guy? If you've seen it you know what i am talking about. If I tried to explain it, it wouldn't be as funny.

  19. That was great. You had me in shock for a minute.

  20. when i first saw the headline, i was WTF?!?

    but hey, it's all true. i have no idea about the french people, but their govt. really suck.



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