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  1. new member

    like the board guys....crower refed me over here

    im a mod over at

    and admin at newer board

    ill try to stop by i like the format here...if i was out of line by putting the links in my sig...sorry,,feel free to stop by..and link your board also,,,

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  2. Welcome brother....

    The link is fine... we dont mind

    I'll check it out now...

  3. Welcome aboard BamBam
  4. thanks

    im sure it will help us both out...

  5. welcome to the board bro



  6. Welcome bambam. Glad to have you man. Hope you like it here.

  7. bambam,

    I just registered at your BSS board. Didn't have much time. will look around more tomorrow. Hope you enjoy it here.

  8. Hey bambam, welcome
  9. thanks

    thanks guys

  10. Welcome bro.
    For answers to board issues, read the Suggestion and News forum at the bottom of the main page.

  11. Welcome bro, I will check your board out soon

  12. hey bambam i'm new over here too bro, i've seen around alot......

  13. i've seen you around alot is what i meant to type, damn its too late to be typing, lol....


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