Why my life is sooo hard.....

  1. Why my life is sooo hard.....

    My nympho bisexual girlfriend just emailed me about getting her tits redone.... LOL... she wants to go even bigger. (she's already had them done once)

    Why must I be tormented ROFL

    and one wonders why I have to stay the hell away from fina.

  2. Bro ill take your fina for you.

    Man im popping this **** like candy. Fina brownies hmmmm theres an idea, hehehehe

    Ive only been on 2 days its fun! No real agression yet. More physical then psychological.




  4. this takes the cake. fina brownies. hhhuuuuu
  5. Hey snakeman...

    by any chance do you play fighter ace 3.5? your name sounds familiar.

  6. I'll take your girlfriend. Me likey boobies!


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