Just My Luck

  1. Just My Luck

    I just wanted to share something with the bro's here that has been on my mind lately. A few weeks ago I commented in some posts about my desires of doing aas's. I usually don't sign myself off from this site on my home computer, and at work sometimes as well (I know, I need to kick my own ass). My wife decided to go under my user name for my MSN account because she couldn't sign on hers for some reason...riiight. Well, she clicked on this site and began to do some snooping. She read some of my posts, which included my aas desires. Man, it was like I commited a federal offense by just talking about it. Hell, this post isn't safe either. I had commented that I wished she'd just cave in and not have a problem with me doing some cycles, or if not, then I'd have to do it behind her back.

    My wife, bless her heart, is only looking out for my best interest, and doesn't want me to risk certain things...career, health, etc. I understand her concern. She's also under the impression that using aas's is cheating yourself by chemically enhancing your body. "Needing drugs to do it because you can't, or don't have the motivation to do it without." Hell, she recently asked me if I was doing illegal aas's due to the gains I have made. I've slowly brought up issues of aas's in an attempt to educate her on them. I have explained my physical aspirations to her, but she doesn't want me to get any bigger, just cut. She see's me purchasing the "legal for now stuff", and is okay with it. I know there are things I can tell her to throw her off if I begin to gain size rapidly. A big prob is with pins. They are illegal her in Ca. So, I can't tell her that I'm using 1-test cyp, 4ad cyp, or any other injectables.

    Grrrrrr, if she becomes okay with it, then I'm golden. She just became a nurse and I keep telling her that I'd let her do the injections. If not, I would have to do it behind her back and chance relationship problems. I don't need/want a second divorce.

    I gots me some decidin' to do.

  2. A big prob is with pins. They are illegal her in Ca. So, I can't tell her that I'm using 1-test cyp, 4ad cyp, or any other injectables.
    If she is a nurse she should understand, or be able to at least, that injectables are far safer for the user. I would try and explain to her that thousands of men use test injections for HRT all over the country every day and it is not black magic or rec drug like in any way. Sucks that you have to break the law just to pin 4ad.
    Good luck and probably a good move not doing it behind her back. Don't push her ease her into the idea and help her become educated on the subject.
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  3. Yea, I explained the whole HRT deal to her. She listened for a bit, but it didn't sway her. I told her that I'd just get a script for it and do that part of it legally. LOL...I told her that since she's 10 years younger, that I may need it to keep up.

  4. It's sad how much misinformation has been put out there about as/aas. I'm pulling for ya, whatever your decision may be. Best to you and your wife.
    Luckily, I don't have to worry about that, I haven't found a source I'm comfortable with (yet).


  5. Has she ever or is she presently taking birth control?

  6. Quote Originally Posted by ballzasteel
    Has she ever or is she presently taking birth control?
    Yep, she just went off a couple of months ago. I know where you're going with it, and I know she won't buy it. LOL...good try though.

  7. Hey, tell her you can't get it up anymore but a little test would turn you into an 18 yo w the experience of a 37 yo
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  8. Yeah, that sux...Personally If I chose to do it I don't think my wife would have a problem with it.Maybe at first then she'd just understand that I'm gonna do what I want because it's my body. I know there are many issues when loved ones are involved, but in the end you'll make your own descision. My wife always says "if you get any bigger you'll crush me!" or "your gonna do that **** again?.....how much bigger do you want to get?" Lately shes been saying, "get as big as you want, you'll only make me look smaller"....she's in the weight loss process and doing well.

    As for cleaning your PC tracks.....shame on you . You of all people should know to clean your tracks, ie: cookies, files, history ect before signing off....especially at work. My workplace recently implemented a webmarshall, which blocks you out of certain sites....bad language, porn ect....One reason why I am not on here as often....I was blocked, but I have my ways of going around. Last yer at work a co-worker was fired for DL'ing in appropriate software and getting into peoples email. The next day one of the techs was in our area "partitioning disk space" on all the PC's in our area. Be very sure to keep it clean or clean your tracks, especially at work.

  9. Do what i do.

    Tell her you are thinking about it, if she says NO! Then agree and say she is probably right. Wait a month.

    Then do it anyway.!

    Women are silly when it comes to this subject. They act like we are smoking crack or something.


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