Any date set for the ban?

  1. Any date set for the ban?

    I've heard that the President wants a ban before the Olympics. I've heard a bunch of BS. Last I heard we had until around October. Any ideas, info?

  2. Nothing is set at all. Everything is up in the air so its anybody's guess. I'd say probably not until 2005.

  3. I will be offering a free disposal service for all products affected by the ban. If you are interested, PM me with your info. I will provide you with the address of where to send the products, and I will reimburse for shipping costs.

    (for all you gullible bro's, that was a joke.)

  4. Quote Originally Posted by bioman
    I'd say probably not until 2005.
    I would have to agree, probably after the new or old president is office and congress is back in session.

  5. Good, I needed some time to get money saved up since college is killing me right now.



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