Report: Real Men More Likely to Use Steroids than P*ssies.

  1. Report: Real Men More Likely to Use Steroids than P*ssies.

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  2. The numbers indicated that the vast majority of steroid users are tough, courageous warriors, while non-users tend to be total ***gots who are afraid to take the slightest risk to improve their game.


  3. I knew it all along..

  4. Can't argue with science, right bobo

  5. “We talked to a vast array of professional athletes, and our data seems to indicate a clear apprehension on the part of pussies to try performance enhancing supplements. These wimpy half-men have tested negative for illegal steroids time and time again. The pattern is obvious. Steroids are clearly the domain of courageous macho athletes who want to take it to the next level. Everyone else is perfectly content at their current gay level.?

    I can't believe a researcher actually said that

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  7. It's lonely at the top.

    Research is research man, can't argue with that.

  8. lol I haven't heard of The Brushback, it must be like The Onion.


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