Any good gym in San Diego?

  1. Any good gym in San Diego?

    Hey guys,

    I am new on anabolicminds.
    First of all I want to say hello everybody :-)

    I come from Germany but I am going to California (San Diego) this July and August.
    It would be nice if someone could recommend a good gym in San Diego.

    I am looking forward to hear from you.


    PS: Sorry my english is not that good that´s the reason why I come to the USA.

  2. World Gym on Garnet Avenue is pretty nice. It's pretty spacious. It has a high ceiling that makes it feel like you're in a warehouse. Lots of juicers there, probrably more juicers there than at any other SD gym. If you like to network with juicers, that's the place to go. Of course 24 Hour Fitness offers a lot of variety in that there are many facilities to pick from. The one in Hillcrest is too small for my taste as it is often crowded. Ditto for the one in Pacific Beach.

    Size/crowding may not be an issue for you since you may not be working at a job - so you may be able to set your own schedule. The 24 Hour in Point Loma is fairly large, I like that gym a lot. The one in Mission Valley is even larger than the one in Point Loma. There are two of 'em in La Jolla, both too small for my taste. When I rate the size of each gym I'm talking soley about the free weight area. I like to have plenty of air space and room to roam in the free weight area of any gym I go to.

    If you're a universal machine type person then any gym I mentioned will be fine.

    Since I tend to like a spacious free-weight are, I stay away from the one in Hillcrest. The facility in Pacific Beach has a decent sized free-weight area at 4am but come 4pm it's ridiculously small as the PB gym turns into a veritable zoo at that hour. Then again in the summertime there may be a little less people people there during peak hours due to school being out.

    If you like two wheels then bike up La Jolla Mesa Drive. When you get to the top turn around and face south. You'll have an awesome view of Mission Bay and the Pacific Ocean. The San Diego Chamber of Commerce does not inform the visitor of that little nugget. But now you know. If the bike your riding does not have an engine attached to the frame your thighs will be on fire once you get to the top of LJMD - it's a fairly steep, slow ascent.

    If you like women the best strip club is not in San Diego. It's in Tijuana. There's a bordello there. Adelita's is the name. Technically it's a bordello. But once you step inside you'll feel like you're in a nightclub. Lots of strip shows are performed there. They used to have a killer sound system so if you like to dance you'll be in the right place. Don't be scared to go to Adelita's. There are plenty of American's there 7 days a week, year round. And this time of the year there will be plenty of tourists there. I would not advise getting rip-roaring drunk in TJ, especially if you're prone to being arrogant and stupid. I have known drunk, arrogant, stupid men with big mouths who never made it home alive. Note that it's against the law to carry pepper spray and a knife on your person in TJ. I've had some challenges in TJ. Not many. But I always came out fine. I used to like walking around TJ at all hours of the night in areas where I was the only Caucasian (1998 - 2008). Looking back on it I realize I may have been stupid for challenging fate. I always had one thing going for me: I never had a drop of liquor in me. Adelita's is in a very safe area.

    The police in SD? I'm different than most people in that I don't hate cops. Nor do I have unconditional love for them. I take each one on a case by case basis. The sheriff's deputies are a different animal. If you wind up in the SD County Jail, and you show a little attitude, and you're not famous, then a beat down might come your way. If you show a lot of attitude then a beat down will come your way. Ditto for the Los Angeles County Jail.

  3. WOW first of all thank you for your really good answer.

    The gym´s sounds pretty nice I think i prefer World Gym. ;-))) Ah I have one more question am I allowed to train in all 24 hour gym´s or only in one of them?
    I always want to go to Tijuana but the things you mentioned are a little disturbing. Now, I am thinking about my journey to TJ. Or maybe you want to come with me to TJ. xD

    What do you mean with attitude towards police officers?Well, I am a nice guy and I would never do anything rebellious against police officers especially when I am a guest in another country!

    I send you a personal message for some other questions.

    Thank you buddy

    Edit: **** I can´t send you a personal message
    Is there any good and "cheap" supermarket to buy bodybuilder-friendly food (Chicken, fish, egg whites, cottage cheese...)

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