Who has used TCA to fade Tattoos?

  1. Who has used TCA to fade Tattoos?

    I'm ordering some TCA to fade my tattoos for future contests. Anyone experienced with this?

  2. Not I. Not that I compete, but rather that I have a distinct love for the tats I have. They all have very special meaning, and I'm proud to show 'em off. (4 of 'em)
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  3. Ive read a little about it, and from what I can gather, it may actually work to fade them a little, so depending on your skin tone, the actual tattoo itself, plus the amount of tanning/fake tan you put on for your competition, it might give you some good results.

    The laser is the only real way to go, I mean, all that I said might end up giving you about 50% reduction in a perfect situation, if you have light skin tone, good acid burn off/fading of 20% after multiple applications, and really dark fake tan, but is that going to be enough? I cant say for sure, let us know since youre already ordering some. If you did actual before and after photos, that would be awesome.
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  4. I've actually opted to have laser surgery even though I am Heavily tattooed. I love my ink, but I have a strong ambition to compete in the sport some day. I'm of a darker complexion which I heard is risky when using TCA... I would have loved to log the results because no one has done this properly as of yet.

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