delivery times

  1. delivery times

    ive got one question

    how long does it take to get your products after ordering them from bdc

  2. Mainly depends on where you are at.. I think I got my last order in 3 days from the time I ordered


  3. Depends on where you live. You should be able to track your order with the the shipping company, cant think of the name off the top of my head. They should have sent you an email with a tracking number. I think mine got to NY in 4 business days...

  4. you ask this board, and the majority will praise bdc's delivery. I got mine ine 2 days. Now thats something. Sage

  5. If you had ordered Monday you would already be experiencing their great effects.

  6. Yes there delivery is simply amazing..... I get my orders the next day bright and early in the morning .. WOW !!

  7. thx fellas i was just curious cause i am just excited about this new 1-test stuff. Everyone seems to be gainin off of it!


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