1. California

    i am planning to go to cali sunday and want to bring my PH with this legal? t1pro and m4ohn

  2. i live in cali and i believe that it is legal. so u shouldnt have any trouble..if i am wrong people are welcome to correct me

  3. M4OHN is scheduled in cali, but they won't know what it is. just put it in a vitamin bottle.

  4. 4AD is also scheduled in Cali, but you shouldn't have too much trouble. You drug smuggler, you!

  5. everything is illegal here, lol

  6. goddamn cali and its strickt rules...i mean it is over strick for no reason i mean goddamn look at frisco and how drugged out it is lol, all these regulations on drugs suuree has helped :-)

  7. Arnold needs to help you guys out and legalize PHs out there!

  8. thanks for the speedy replies....i'm thinking i'll just put the t1pro in my bag and bring the 30 m40hn pills i need in my pockets....

  9. Quote Originally Posted by Boss_K
    bring the 30 m40hn pills i need in my pockets....
    undercover at LAX can and will search you at will if they think you look suspicious. Also as you pass thru the detectors, they'll randomly search(every 10th person or so) you(pockets) and have you sit down and take your shoes and soxs off. if they find pills in your pocket, it'll look really bad. i would put in my check-in bag. or strap it to your groin area of your underwear like it's illegal drugs if you have to carry it with you.

  10. Yeah just put the pills in a different pill bottle, like a multivitamin or something. I'd put both in your checked bag too. I'm flying on Sunday (not to Cali), and I'm putting my sterile solutions in my checked bag and hoping for the best. Just some PH stuff, no AAS.

  11. Bump, place your pills in a vitamin bottle and you should be okay. Do not have them loose in your pockets. If you were to get busted, that would be the way. Also, do not try to hide them. Just put them in a labled vitamin bottle and in your luggage with all your other items.


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