How do they get ripped glutes???

  1. How do they get ripped glutes???

    I have a question I hope some one can answer. I saw pictures of Chris Cook when he competed in the 2004 USA. My question is how in the hell he gets his glutes striated being over 250lbs?

    Is it the diet, GH, cardio or all the above? That's amazing to see any guy over 250lbs with straited glutes. I want my glutes to be straited in my next show.

    Also I have another question. Does anyone know what Arnold and Franco were on when they competed in the 70's and if so did they use a lot?

  2. For the glute developement and striations lunges are one of the best excercises you can do. You also have to be really low bf%.

    As for the second question you know how people usually have a bowl on the coffee table filled with m%m's or other assorted candies well they had it filled with Dbol tabs

    Also what does it matter we know so much more today then they did, so we don't need to make the same mistakes.

  3. Its all of the above. But focusing on a few exerices, such as step ups and lunges. MD had an article on targeting to get the striation in the glutes and glute/ham tie in.
  4. Wink glutes

    lol, yah everything the dude said except the bowls full of t3 masteron primo and v. lol, o ya i almost forgot the g.h. is in the fridge.

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