Rakey is Back AGAIN!

  1. Rakey is Back AGAIN!

    Im back again fellas after a 5 month binge of doing nothing but surfing, wakeboardn, drinkin homebrew and traveling.

    Im back again before school starts to start my bulking expedition once again! Damn has this placed changed alot! The only person ive kept in somewhat constant contact with is PETE! Hello all you BDCnutrition.com old school fellas! IM back and i will post a pic of me in a couple days. ive shaved the head, gained a lil mass, and am pretty tan!

  2. It's been a while since I've seen one of your posts. Welcome back!

  3. Welcome back dude... Still a rake?

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  4. Nice to see ya guys again ! I will always be tha RAKE!

  5. Hey bro. Good to see you again. WB

  6. up to 150 yet rake?

    Good to see your still hanging around, welcome back man

  7. ya im over 150! Nice to see yall again! is Scotty and Biggs still here?

  8. Quote Originally Posted by txwakeskater
    ya im over 150! Nice to see yall again! is Scotty and Biggs still here?
    That answer leads me to believe you're 151 lb. Welcome back brother. Yea, Scotty and Biggs still here

  9. RAKE!!

    Yeah, I see the Rakester online now and then on AIM, we chat and such but it's been awhile since seeing you. Good to hear things are alright for ya..


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