Preventing muscle mass loss after tonsil surgery

  1. Preventing muscle mass loss after tonsil surgery

    So basically I am going to see an ear, nose and throat specialist on Friday. I believe I might need my tonsils removed. I was wondering if there is a way to keep me from loosing muscle mass while I'm recovering since I know I won't be able to eat solid foods for a few days. Can I just drink a bunch of protein shakes or is that going to be too much to even handle after surgery?

  2. I would rec keepgn your protien high threw protien drinks. add soem oliv oil in then 1-2oz, you wont tast it. and you grt your fats in also since you cant be eating.
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  3. A couple of days isnt going to kill you, dont force yourself to chug down protein drinks, take your time with it, follow the instructions of the doctor, soup, jello, whatever they say, I mean you can certainly ask him about protein shakes before the surgery. Honestly any perceptible muscle loss, no matter how miniscule it will actually be, can easily be regained once you're fully healed up.
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  4. Well it turns out I have acid reflux, which is the reason why I've been coughing and snoring. The doctor did say my tonsils were a little bit, but didn't say anything about having them removed, so all she did was told me not to eat close to bed, sleep sitting up and she gave me a prescription for nexium.

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