Oh My God, It's Natty PB!

  1. Oh My God, It's Natty PB!

    Went to the store to get some food a few nights ago, right? Well, there I am standing in line, minding my own business, got my chicken, cottage cheese, wheat bread, eggs... and some natty pb. Ok, so this guy behind me (had to have been about 40, had a young child in the cart with him) sees me put my two cans of pb on the checkout counter and he says "Whoa, is that natural peanut butter?! How is that stuff, is it okay does it taste bad? We never buy it because of ALL THE OIL that's in it. We think it's UNhealthy so we stay away." I happen to glance at the child and see that he is holding a large tub of JIF. I politely disagree and leave, dumbfounded. Never had somebody tell me to my face that natural peanut butter was less healthy than Jif. Still shocked, thought I'd share.

  2. I'd probably have the same reaction you did. As if some foreign oil is being added that has nothing to do with peanuts...

  3. the misconceptions of some people huh? i can see how someone not too informed in nutrtion can make that assumption that natural pb (with the oil seperation) is "less healthy". shoot, people still think the reduced fat jifs are better tahn the regular (umm, same amount of hydrozed oil and saturated fat. Sage

  4. the masses are asses...

  5. Its peanut butter jelly time!

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  6. That banana is weak....

    Heres the REAL Dancing Banana....
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  7. YJ, yer banana's 'dood' sign is upside-down

    (yeah yeah har ****ing har)

  8. ha ha...lol seeing those two bananas dance back and forth. (ha) and to top it off, biggin points out that dood is upside down. (ha) maybe im just a little off this morning but you dudes got me rollin' right now. Sage (ps where can i find these bananas characters?)


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