Hydrogen car kits

  1. Hydrogen car kits

    Has anyone used or heard about these hydrogen kits you can buy or make, so your car can run on water? Hydrogen Car Kits

  2. doubt it it works, takes a lot of work and real expensive to do this. its probably a scam also. u ever see those performance chips they sell for 50 bucks to giv u more power and better mpg, it mite work on one car but not all. all their products shown are on ebay and they look like oil catch cans. i say fake
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  3. thats just a bs site linking to ebay searches selling garbage.

    However, if you are talking about carburated cars, doing the conversion to run off propane or natural gas is pretty easily doable. And any diesel can easily run off biodiesels

  4. i always wanted to know how u run propane on a car. i heard of some guy tryin to do it to his wrx cuz he's importing at his base somewhere in the middle east but never seen how he did it. i no its easy for diesel conversions to run on corn oil and all that stuff. im savin for an 2011 golf tdi, 600miles to a tank!!!!!!! so sick
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