Hi bros, just arrived to AM! Amasing board I must say, lots of big brains seem to have gathered here.

So, let me introduce myself. I am a 25 year old med student, training since the age of 15. I don't consider myself very dedicated, being for long periods away from a gym due to traveling, studying etc.

Genetically not gifted, I would say i am something worse than an ectomorph. I completed growing at 15 (179cm, how many feet is that?) and weighted 62kg (137lbs. this one i know). And i say worse than an ectomorph cause i had much body fat even though i was so thin. My biceps now matter how much i tried just would be like if i were a girl

So i decided to grow and grow and here i am now at 185lbs and one cycle under my belt (and some fat around my waste), feeling all the confidence and pleasure only bodybuilding can give.

My goals for the near future are to obtain a psysique like that of Brad Pitt in Troy, i guess i am a cycle away from it but i wouldn't say no to further growth, of course! But always within the limits for a fitness look, don't forget my genetics wouldn't permit me to become a freak, i think.

My favorite muscle to train? The glutes! I know i might be the only one to think that but just ask girls what they think about it!

My biggest concern? My pretty, long hair, so don't flame me when, discussing about clycles, mine will be the least androgenic...

Well, that was all i could think about me now... We'll be seeing around friends!