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  1. In Shape

    Just curious, but what is everyone's definition of "in shape"?
    For me it would be an olympic wrestler, boxer, or SEAL. I know some others see being in shape as a modern day BB does, lots of muscle and low bf. What is your definition? Also what are you doing to try and achive it?

  2. For me.... "In Shape" is a way I feel. Yes the way I look has bearing on it, but not as much as how I feel throughout the day.


  3. In shape to me means you can keep up with strenuous activity, have an athletic build, and somewhat low BF. You don't have to be big and you don't have to be small to be in shape.

    IMO "buff" means exactly what Jergo looks
    Buff to me means that you've got 200lbs. LBM at the least. If not, then you're just "in shape" or "athletic."

  4. In Shape is 6 % bodyfat, 200 + lbs...... kidding
    Lean body mass defines being in shape for me. The accumilation of low body fat, muscle mass, and healthy (this includes the way one feels).

  5. in shape to me is basically being able to take my shirt off at the beach and being proud of my physique.

  6. Being in SHAPE is me!

  7. Being in shape is an odd thing. I'm a fat bastard that can outrun and outlift most of my thin friends, so the fat ain't the defining bit. To me it's a combo of health and aesthetic points. I lack the looks but I can play racquetball for four hours straight with no extended breaks and that's something most people can't do. I'd say I'm out of shape but I only have one thing, body fat, to work on. Makes me luckier than most.


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