Ortiz Vs. Berto

  1. Ortiz Vs. Berto

    Dang, this is a great fight! Round 6 both guys knock each other down. This is the best boxing match I've seen in a LONG time. 4 knockdowns through 6 roudns?! Fight of the year?

    Starting round 7...

  2. Ortiz wins the WBC welterweight title. This fight will definitely be considered for Fight of the Year. I guess no true boxing fans here?

  3. Wow! In Peurto Rico, Salido hands undefeated Lopez his first defeat and takes his WBO featherweight title. Awesome fight, almost as good as Ortiz/Berto bout.

    What a night of boxing!

  4. That was an incredible fight....much better than the Eric Morales fight.

    This def makes up for that terrible Devon Alexander fight earlier in the year that almost ended my life...lol
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