Artcile i read in the metro (free London paper)

Several international athletes have asked US scientist to genetically
modify their bodies to make them unbeatable, it was claimed yesterday.

They sought to make use of a ground-breaking technique which may be able

to alter DNA to boost their power, speed and stamina. Prof Lee Sweeney,

a gene therapist at Pennsylvania University School of Medicine, said

several athletes asked him to use the treatment on them.

Some coaches offered their athletes as guinea pigs for use in his

experiments; he added "This kind of gene therapy could transform the

lives of the elderly and people with muscular dystrophy. Unfortunately,

it is also a dream come true for an athlete bent on doping'. A string of

athletes, notably Canadian sprinter Ben Johnson, have been barred from

athletics for using banned drugs. But the World Anti-Doping Agency said

it feared GM sportsmen may compete at next months Olympic Games.