What was the first gun you bought

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    Ha.. who doesnt own one of these cheapo's. Love it because the price was so dirt cheap.. but you couldn't hit Oprah from 10 feet away with it.
    yeah your right, but for a broke college student buying for the first time, the price was nice....and after some state police training i got pretty good with it.....the glock 45 is a night and day difference though

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    unless you live in the country, a rifle is a horrible home defense weapon and irresponsible to use one... you dont need it killing your neighbors as well after tearing through all that drywall.

    Get a larger caliber pistol for that, and pick your ammo wisely for the situation. Effective and safe go hand in hand here. you want stopping power, not penetrating power.

    Shotguns with some bird shot is great for this... then you can always feed some buck and even a slug first in case its not enough so when you get to the last shot you know they arent getting back up.
    well i happen to live in the country lol.

  3. A hunting rifle BUT my dad and I together got ar15's recently


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