The "other" forum

  1. The "other" forum

    hehehe they fired D&G as a moderator. funny ****.

  2. I saw something about that in the misc section, are you sure they actually let him go?

  3. D&G cleared this up in the thread "D&G no longer a mod?"

    Originally posted by D&G
    I am still here - I asked for my mod powers to be removed temporarily - I came online yesterday and all the new posts were already marked as read so I figured someone could have been on my account which could have been the reason for all the deleted posts so it was done just to check. However today the post counts are still coming down so it obviously wasn't my account that was hacked.

  4. interesting...i was over there awhile today and apparently they are bannin alot of folks...enuf where somebody posted a thread about the migrations from to other boards.

  5. absoloute chaos on

  6. Originally posted by dez/null
    absoloute chaos on
    ya...but u gotta admit its entertaining..heh


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