Charlie Sheen nuff said

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  1. Charlie Sheen nuff said

    a little late I know but didn't see a thread here and thought I'd get everyone's thoughts on this. I watched these this past weekend and found them to be funny,insane,sad and at times honest.

    Sheen outranks Obama, Lady Gaga in social media - Technology & science - Tech and gadgets -

  2. droopy eyed armless children OMG!!!! LOL!!
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  3. i used to really like him because he was honest and never tried to deny anything. but i think hes lost it now. what a shame

  4. I actually watched dateline to see him. I have tiger blood and adonis dna.

    I still think he is still being honest. He isn't trying to hide himself at all. I think he actually might be strong enough to fight his addictions simply b/c he wants to shove a middle finger in Chuck Lorre's face.
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  5. Charlie Sheen = Awesome = Charlie Sheen.

    I've been following this a bit myself, and did watch Dateline: Charlie the other night. Checked out most of the interviews on YT, and I gotta say... I like him even more now! I was a fan before, didn't really watch him on TV (don't watch much TV anyway), but his attitude now is just stellar. Yeah, crazy might be a good word for it, but atleast he's unique. I see his perspective and I agree with it. Hell, if you read some of the stuff that comes out of my head some days, I think Sheen's totally got it together by my standards!

    More power to ya, ya bishin' rockstar from Mars!
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  6. The guy is hilarious, because he seems to embrace his dysfunction and celebrates it. But now it appears as if he's lost all his marbles, and it might end badly for him. Sad thing is the guy is talented and actually pretty funny. He must have thought it was opposite day when said he was winning.

  7. I think he isn't as crazy as britney spears was at her prime. Granted that was mostly justin's fault but hey coke is a hell of a drug.
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  8. Add a little boy in there and some mdma i'd love to see what headlines he makes lol

    All posts are for entertainment purposes only.

    Need2slin... NOM NOM NOM :yup:

  9. Leave charlie alone, lol.
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  10. I though he was cool ever since he played the role as "Hawkins" in Navy Seals.

    I also find it hilarious that we was smoking during a lot of his never see that anymore.

    Good stuff.

    ETA: Also, the fact that he was renting a mansion so he could keep a few porn stars over there and bang 'em whenever he wanted was awsome. Well played sir, well played.

  11. Quote Originally Posted by RoadBlocK View Post
    Leave charlie alone, lol.
    someone needs to make this tube video now!!!!!

    leave charlie alone he's winning winning for American winning for rick james,winning for the millions.......and millions of cracked out jabroni 's worldwide if you SMELLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL LLLL WHAT THE SHEEN........ IS COOKING.......IN THE KITCHEN

  12. "i was bangin 7 gram rocks" bahahahhahahahahahaha i luv this guy, they really should leave him alone, guy likes to party. i think ill make the video
    if blow was characterized as a guy, consider me a homosexual :)

  13. I would love to live his life for just one night, LOL....lucky guy!!
    True story:

    I give a f**K!!

  14. Charlie Sheen's been in the news?
    What happened?

  15. Quote Originally Posted by waynaferd View Post
    I would love to live his life for just one night, LOL....lucky guy!!
    I agree one night would be pretty cool

  16. the dude smokes rock

    nuff said bout that

  17. Quote Originally Posted by MidwestBeast View Post
    Red balls!

  18. i saw that one coming

  19. Well hes still a baller..

  20. Bipolar vs Biwinning video..

    On a psychological level he can not be diagnosed bipolar (manic depressive) until he has been off drugs for a long period of time. Now that is on a clinical manner. In theory though he still could be. It is very common that manic depressives (I hate the term bipolar, its a happy word to me) use drugs in mania stages some in depressive stages. His actions do seem to be that of a manic on a high (though more in the hypermania stages not hypo or traditional manias) In all actuality I would not lean toward manic depressive though and believe that he is dealing with an extreme addiction issues and is dealing with heavy withdraws.

  21. The funny thing is that you can see that in his mind he thinks he sounds brilliant,witty and articulate. When in reality he sounds like an incoherent, babbling idiot.

  22. 7 grams in one day.....i dunno, I guess that is just 2 8balls, we'll call it "do-able", but crazy.

    "my friend" used to do 1 8ball in a night. But if you do it all day, then hey 2 shouldnt be a problem.

  23. Quote Originally Posted by vidapreta View Post
    The funny thing is that you can see that in his mind he thinks he sounds brilliant,witty and articulate. When in reality he sounds like an incoherent, babbling idiot.
    yea, you should hear a meth head. 20x worse.


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