I broke my hand, again.....

  1. I broke my hand, again.....

    I originally broke the 4th metacarpal in November '05 and it didn't heal right. Since then, I've broken it an additional 3 times on the same bone. Ironically, this is the first time it has been due to training and the others have been due to bad luck (concert) or my general clumsiness. Based off my other times, it takes about 3-4 weeks to heal and about 6 more to get back my total grip strength.

    Fortunately, I can still do some leg work, sprints, Prowler, cardio, and some upper-body things where I can use a hook grip. Back on the road to health.....
    M.Ed. Ex Phys

  2. Man that sucks, but give it time to heal properly.

  3. The last time I broke my hand was about a year ago. It was healing from an earlier brake and it took along time to heal. I prefer my hands over a broken rib though. I fought a lot and, at 40, Those little breaks are starting to hurt in the cold especially my right hand. If you have medical insurance, use it to make sure your bones are set right. Hopefully you can avoid some pain in your later years.
    2 years ago my GF got in a fight and broke her hand worse than I've ever seen. She got a pin put in her 4th metacarpal and it took 3 months to heal.

  4. speedy recovery

    RIP Ryan, :(

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