Strangest supplement ad

  1. Strangest supplement ad

    read the ad for this.. its just weird!

  2. Haha what the heck, do they realize what they are saying?

  3. That ad made my head hurt. .... I think I dropped a few IQ points just for reading it.

    - B

  4. uuummmm.....


    do they always contradict themselves like this?

    and I thought I was dumb enough being a Lifeguard w/blonde hair.
    Read This Book!!: Anabolic Steroids and the Athlete by William N. Taylor M.D.

  5. its not just higherpower. you walked down most vitamin dealers or store like kmart, fredmeyer, albertsons vitamin aisle, you see that combo.....again why, im not sure but once i overheard a lady recommend this to a customer b/c ...."there is a better absorption of zinc and mag" (ouch)

  6. i know others offer this combo. did you read there ad for that product? they slam themselves in their own ad.. its very strange

  7. oh...ha, i didnt catch that part.

  8. lmao that has to be the funniest yet most pathetic thing ive seen, lmao.

    my friend also bought (when i walked in his room i saw it) a bottle off high quality zinc + calcium from wal-mart. you would think even though most companies are money hungry, they would make a product that doesnt totally destroy itself. watch out next supplements to come out are creatine+caffeine and ****+piss !!

  9. Yeah, and 1-TU + alcohol.

  10. wha... they have a cal/mag/zinc supp and then say its stupid to do that...makes my head hurt

  11. thats funny? Don't they have like a proof reader or something?


  12. That's's standard blurb for any ZMA supplement, it was a bad place to use it, though... I almost think the whole ad is a joke. They have magnesium listed twice in the amounts per pill.


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