airborne school was terrible...

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  1. airborne school was terrible...

    Wow this had to be the most unorganized and unprofessional school I have ever attended. And Fort Benning, YUCK! Thank god that school is finally over. I did my PLF's (well okay so it was more of my own version) and rode out! haha. On to air traffic control for 15 weeks at keesler!

  2. then things have changed at Benning since I was there.. sorry you got in to a cluster
    what was the main problem with jump school?

  3. Dam in going to join in 4 month's going for a 18x, Hope i got what it takes?

  4. go for air assault, that is a bad ass school........ at least 10 years ago it was

  5. For those thats not aware of what a 18x it is the army SF!!Been busting my ass to get in the best shape i can now for some time.the only good thing is that "IF" i fail i still will get a job that i wanted which is 11b !!!!

  6. Field Artillery (13B) owns all!!

  7. What's up Lake....keep on truckin' brother...

  8. Oh crap, cannon cockers have ruined the neighborhood lol.... 11H (TOW) which now is 11M Bradley crew member
    and I did remember that 18 series is SF.. Xray is unassigned, IE they get to place you... just wondering do you go to Benning for your basic or somewhere else? Back when I was in, you had to be at least E5(Sgt) to even apply for SF..

  9. If u are a new recuirt u can join the sf under 18x They just started it in the last 2 years because they couldn't get enought active duty to join!! if not u have to wait till u are a E5.yes u go to benning for 14 weeks then bragg for the rest of your training in all u train for 2 years airborne,leadership school,ETC ETC ETC

  10. There are still 11hs bro.

  11. Wow.. and here I thought they had phased out my old MOS.. thanks Red Devil

  12. 11h all the way.......... ever been to j.o.t.c.? that is a school from hell.......... made me have a new respect for the men in vietnam..

  13. No J.R.T.C. though .There are always rumors about phasing out hotels but it never happens.

  14. I had heard from several that JOTC was a very demanding school.. and don't mess with the monkeys..

  15. Quote Originally Posted by toastynoodles
    Dam in going to join in 4 month's going for a 18x, Hope i got what it takes?
    haha yeah bro dont worry about not having what it takes.. it didnt suck cause it was hard it sucked because not only is the training kind of outdated but you have to put up with ten times more BS than your used to. It is especially true for me since I am in the Air Force. The Army does things a little odd sometimes. All you do is stand around. You stand around for an hour in formation then they take you to eat and complain they don't have a lot of time. Then after you eat you stand around for 45 minutes again then go out and train. Then half the team sits while the other half trains (for half the day) then you switch. Way too much standing around for me . I got more out of shape at this school too. You run 9 minute miles and when doing a 5 mile run i went the whole way breathing out of my nose. You'll see when you get there. Extremely easy and just plain boring (except jumping of course). I was also in Delta company which from what I've heard from the other army guys there it is supposed to be the hardest.

  16. i went to j.r.t.c. too..... how about those mosquitoes.......... dam i would never live down there....

    as for the j.o.t.c. the hollerback monkeys are a mofo.... we came into their area one night after getting off an rb-15, we couldnt use flashlights so we just bedded down.. well as we were getting our beds ready a monkey came flying after a guy in my platoon. the monkey grabbed ahold of this guys leg and tried pulling on him. my friend ran over to help him and kicked the monkey to get it off this guy. well when he kicked the monkey he actually broke his leg..... 2nd day in the jungle and that happens, what a ****ty thing..........i have so many stories from that school it was just wicked!!!

    anyone ever over in korea? camp greaves...... that was another real treat

  17. No Korea here,except for NTC and JRTC never left Bragg.

  18. Did NTC twice and Germany

  19. never made it to NTC or germany........ wanted germany bad but they pulled all 11h's out of there before i got a chance to go....

  20. I do remember hearing that my unit 1-39th 8th INF got pulled out right after I left.. but I was there before the Wall came down..

  21. lets see i was in the following units:

    c 1/38th basic training in ft. benning
    d 1/506th korea
    d 1/502nd ft. cambell

    then the crappy ol 144th MP co. "michigan national guard" what a fu#kin joke.....

    i quit going to drills as of january because i had a new born in the hospital.(preemie) so i wrote them a letter telling them what was up. well they sent me a letter stating that they are seperating me because of missing too many drills. and i will be getting a less than honorable discharge. from what i understand i can appeal that in like 6 months. it doesnt really bother to have that kind of discharge since i already have an honorable from active, but still i would like my service to count for something.

  22. I was only in a little over 3 years.
    A. co 1/50th basic.
    C. co 507th Airborne school
    D. co 1/504th PIR "Red Devils".
    I should be getting my actual discharge around Oct or Dec.You know the old "you are actually enlisting for 8 years" deal.

  23. E co 1/8 INF 4th ID Ft Carson
    E co 1/39 INF 8th ID Baumholder GE
    C co 2/2 INF 9th ID Ft Lewis

  24. Air Assault is where it's at..

  25. I'll stick with AFSpecialOps

  26. Stand up hook up slide 'em down a rope Air Assault troopers ain't nuttin but a joke.

  27. and when is it you airborne slugs do anything in combat? hmmmmmm its been a long time hasnt it... thats right cause theyll blow you out of the sky while you are coming down......

    AIR ASSLT ALL THE WAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. Quote Originally Posted by good_guye28
    and when is it you airborne slugs do anything in combat? hmmmmmm its been a long time hasnt it... thats right cause theyll blow you out of the sky while you are coming down......

    AIR ASSLT ALL THE WAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  29. hehe 173rd jumped into Iraq.Can you say mustard stain .Plus Airborne 11hs do all the air assault stuff even without the badge .

  30. and how far outside of a combat region was that, lets say no where near!!! its ok i understand you got into the wrong field...

  31. Oh well the little rifle above those badges means more to me.Can you say EIB?

  32. EIB or CIB are good to go in my book... and so are jump wings, and air assault wings also...

  33. where did you get your EIB? i wont lie it took me like 3 times but i finally got it. when i went for it in korea my grenade landed in the mud and screwed me over.......

  34. GG to tell the true.. I missed getting mine by one freakin station.. I was on the last one range estimation and I missed it by a few too many meters.. found out later I needed glasses.. go figure.. that was my last year in Germany, then I get to freakin Ft. Lewis and my battalion never does the setup for it.. so I got only 2 chances, my two years in GE to attempt it.. and both times, I get fragged on something simple.. the year before that was damn gas mask drill, I wasn't paying close attention and did hear the go. So I am an allround screwup... did the damn road marches though.. .

  35. Got mine at Bragg. I was a lowly E2.My squad leader told me"don't get your hopes up".I had only been there 3 or 4 months.I had to prove him wrong.I was blade running.I no-goed claymore the first time.Another "badge protector" tried to get me on my next go,but the NCO of the station called in the CSM and he said I was a go.I no-goed another station,but I can't for the life of me remeber what it was.Only 4 enlisted guys got their's that year.I think only about 60 or 70 for the battalion

  36. good job.. we never had that many to get their EIB's and it is funny how I can remember just about everything from that whole week... we did our at the end of a "short" field problem.. I had the best time of the night land navigation...

  37. Hehe I remember when we were praticing for night land nav.There were 3 or 4 guys together.We got to a point and no one had a flashlight.So I came with the idea to use a lightning bug. Worked like a chram.Oh yeah it had rained recently too.I ended up in mud up to my hips a few times.

  38. how about that road march at the end.... that sucked ass!!!!!! and then clearing the rifle.....

  39. I really never did mind the damn road marches.. the bad thing was, that you had to do the road march no matter if you no-goed or not.. that was a pisser

  40. Hmm really only the go people had to do ours.We did 15 milers at least once every quarter and a 30 miler once a year.Ow my feet.


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