Am I going to fail this drug test ?

  1. Am I going to fail this drug test ?

    Hello bros, I am a little worried because today I applied for a job at the Vitamin Shoppe and I was asked to take a piss test. My woory is that I took ephedra 40 mg. of ephedra 2 weeks ago and I'm concerned I may fail the test. Anything I can do in case I fail it ? Do you feel I'm pretty much screwed ?

  2. normal drug test covers

    weed, amphetamines, narcotics, pcp, ketamine, cocaine

    i think thats it.

    you're fine. unless ephedra will cause a false positive for amphetamines.. which i doubt.

  3. Man, I hope you're right bro. The test actually a quickie, and the clinic looked crummy, so I know they aren't testing for PH's (whew, I'd really screwed)

  4. 1 to 4 days is the time range for you to test positive for amphetamines from ephedrine, or any of its cousins, from the last day you took it. I wouldn't worry at all.

  5. hmm, interesting.

    ephedrine is available OTC, does pseudoephedrine also cause a positive for amphetamines?

    never heard of this before. where are you getting this info, i couldn't find anything when i google'd

    ok, i'm dumb. found this:

    "Dristan Nasal Spray, Neosynephren, Vicks Nasal Spray, Sudafed, etc. and others containing ephedrine or pnenypropanolamine. Over the counter appetite suppressants which contain propanolamine. Most common nasal decongestants can cause a positive reading for Amphetamines. As the cross reactive list suggests at the back of this booklet, amphetamine false positives are the most common. Recent articles in the Journal of Clinical Chemistry ,Vol. 38 No.12 1992 and Vol. 39 No.3 1993 warn that medications containing chloropromazine, fluspirilene, and others may yield a positive when tested for amphetamines."

  6. I took one for a new job in April, jacked to the gills with Eph, and did fine.......don't worry

  7. The possibility exists but everyone is different. Some clear this stuff out quick, some don't. Sometimes the newer tests will distinguish, the older ones sometimes don't. It's best to either tell them beforehand or just make sure you've got 4 day window between last dose and test time.

  8. I'm feeling much better about my chances now, I'll know Thursday for sure


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