Good cheap teeth whitener that works.

  1. Good cheap teeth whitener that works.

    Can somone reccomend me one?

  2. My dentist said all over the counter whitening strips are only temporary. Something about it just dying the teeth for a few months. I will note this same dentist also offers different " professional" whitening services ranging from 200-400 dollars so I take her advise with a grain of salt

  3. Got a little tube of some sort of Crest a few weeks ago and it's made a noticeable difference. I was quite impressed! I think it's like Crest Pro Whitening with the word AVID on it. I could run upstairs and look to make sure, but eh.... I'm lazy.
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  4. I use listerine (sp) whiting strips. Cheap and trust me you will like them. I used two (top and bottom) a day for a month and now just use one at night and people ask me about my teeth all the time! TRUST ME

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