How to whoop ass in Missile Strike...a game on the new arcade!

  1. Arrow How to whoop ass in Missile Strike...a game on the new arcade! it is...the method that I use to kick arse in the game:

    First, you should be aware that asteroid explosions have a blast radius. I can't say what it is definitively since I play too fast to notice but it is approximately twice the diameter of the asteroid.

    Second, hitting the space bar will launch "Big Mutha"...which is a large missile that will wipe the screen of every asteroid (pretty much). Of course, there are limitations!

    Let's get down to the basic strategy:

    The first few levels (up to about 40) the rate of asteroid shower is rather slow and is the hardest part of the game. However, once the rate of asteroid shower increases it only serves to make the game easier!

    Up to about level 40, create a veil of cover fire about 3/4's the way up the screen. What I mean is to fire sequentially from the missile bases in order...for example, the left most base will cover the left 1/3rd vector of the screen, the middle base will cover the center vector, etc. You'll have to pace yourself to make sure you do not run out of missiles! However, once you find the correct rate of fire all things will fall into place. Now, you'll have to watch out for asteroid sappers (the ones that come in low and from the side). It's not that difficult when their velocity and rate of shower is low but later it will become critical that you include a lower cover trajectory to eliminate these little bastards.

    Now, the fun really begins at about level 40 and higher! The rate of shower is continuous and the velocity at which they are falling is really increased. There is no room for error!!! Create a veil of cover fire directly at the top of the screen using the same sequential fire as before. What you'll find is that since the asteroids are coming in such massive numbers coupled with the fact that each target negotiation (kill the asteroid) has a blast radius the veil is extended for several seconds after the missile detonates! That's right...the asteroids kill themselves!

    All you have to do is maintain the volums of fire to sustain the asteroid suicide and you'll be beating my score in no time!

    Now, I won't tell you how to properly use the large missile...but it should be evident if you've followed the instructions so far. HINT: they become most effective in the later stages of the game

    That's it...NOW GO BEAT MY SCORE!


  2. pffft sounds way too difficult =P

  3. Chemo must have been like the bobby fischer of video games when he was a kid.

  4. What do you mean "like"?



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