Nutritionists around here?

  1. Nutritionists around here?

    Hey guys, im goin back to school and decided on studying nutrition to become a certified nutritionist. I been googling and searching on the web what courses are needed but im gettin mixed opinions. I have a few questions if anyone can help me out. What courses am i supposed to take, how long do i need to take them, what school and how do you certify yourself? i read some states require different certifications.
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  2. dude u are awesome, thanks a lot
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  3. Most nutrition program you will enter in college are usually Dietetic programs anyways. Usually the larger schools will offer non dietetic degrees such as human nutrition or food science but it all ties in together anyways. The RD licensure takes some dough too. Paying to work 40+hrs isn't ideal for most people(especially after spending 4+ yrs just getting the degree only to follow it up with an additional 6months to 1yr internship at 5-10K a semester). State certified nutritionist are licensed professional LEGALLY. Check with your local state board of education to find the exact requirments. You may actually want to just call them and ask. Most require a specific amount of college education credit hours to reward you a certificate. Some states require a 4yr degree and 30+ credit hours of graduate course work in nutitrion. Again, just find your state board of education contact information and ask.

  4. think ill just start off by gettin certified as a personal trainer
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  5. it's weird, I've never met a nutritionist that I know of who looked remotely healthy. Become a giant, jacked nutritionist for us.

  6. Quote Originally Posted by MidwestBeast View Post
    This might help:

    Becoming a Trainer/Nutritionist

    With that being said, opt for a dietetics degree that leads to being a registered dietitian if you choose anything.
    thank you MidwestBeast your the best.

  7. Hi,
    Its better for you to study online. As there are many online Nutritional Schools offering the convenient and effective study for students with a personal interest in nutrition.

    Ellen Lathi


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