Big Pharma Prepares To Exploit New Swine Flu Scare

  1. Big Pharma Prepares To Exploit New Swine Flu Scare

    2009 H1N1 outbreak was proven to be contrived hoax

    Paul Joseph Watson
    Monday, January 3, 2011

    Big Pharma is licking its lips at the prospect of cashing in on a second round of the swine flu epidemic, despite the fact that the first outbreak of the virus in 2009 was proven to be a contrived hoax perpetrated by pharmaceutical companies in concert with the World Health Organization.

    Flu experts in Britain are warning that an H1N1 epidemic is weeks ( as 9 million children prepare to return to school after the Christmas holiday. There have been 36 deaths from swine flu in Britain since October.

    However, with skyrocketing numbers of people in the British Isles refusing to take flu vaccines after their dangers were widely publicized, prepare for the situation to be swiftly exploited by the establishment who will push fears of a pandemic to coerce people into taking mercury-laden shots that have been linked with paralyzing neurological disorders, convulsions, and deaths(Finland Suspends Swine Flu Shots After Vaccine Linked With Neurological Disorder.)

    A Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (Investigation Chief: Swine Flu Pandemic Was A Hoax) found that the 2009 H1N1 outbreak was exaggerated by pharmaceutical giants as a ruse to make vast profits from the sale of dangerous and unnecessary vaccines.

    Chair of the Council of Europe’s Sub-committee on Health Wolfgang Wodarg said that governments were “threatened” by special interest groups within the pharmaceutical industry as well as the WHO to buy the vaccines and inject their populations without any reasonable scientific reason for doing so.

    Wodarg said he was alarmed when the WHO cited early cases in Mexico as a threat and quickly moved to pandemic status, despite the fact that the cases were relatively mild and the virus was not new.

    “This was the mildest flu ever and the people were much more clever than the government so we have to find out what was going on with WHO – why did they do this pandemic alarm,” asked Wodarg, noting that pharmaceutical interests within the World Health Organization were instrumental in creating the panic and reaping the financial dividends.

    Wodarg said there was “no other explanation” for what happened than the fact that the WHO worked in cahoots with the pharmaceutical industry to manufacture the panic in order to generate vast profits, labeling the entire episode a hoax.

    He also explained how health authorities were “already waiting for something to happen” before the pandemic started and then exploited the virus for their own purposes.

    Any new attempt by health authorities to hastily declare a new pandemic emergency should be treated with the utmost suspicion given the fact that these same entities were caught lying and scheming in 2009 to manufacture fearmongering surrounding swine flu in order to cash in to the tune of billions.
    This message was paid for by the Russians

  2. I would be interested to see how it was proven a hoax? It wouldn't surprise me.

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