Germany peeps...

  1. Germany peeps...

    any body living in Germany... I'm an army veteran been living here 12 years now..anyone else freezing there asses off?!

  2. I'm freezing in central Maine, but was an Army brat born in Nuremburg(?), then came back to the states when my grandfather died, then back to Illesheim, then maryland, washington, then he retired and back to Maine where I stayed.

    I was 8-9 last time in europe, but my mother was big on travel since my father was always out in the field, so we've been to Berlin, Yugoslavia, Holland, Anne Franks house, Auschwitz(?), skiing in Austrai, and a bunch of other places I wish I had better memories of.

    Kinda makes me wish I joined the Army and got sent back over....I loved it!! Especially the old palaces and castles....We lived in Badwindsheim in an old wine cellar that was built in the early-mid 1700's....pretty sweet. Small, but sweet. My parents thought otherwise, of course....small small small.
    True story:

    I give a f**K!!

  3. I'm ready to go back to the real world some nice warm weather! I'm just praying to god I find a government job in the states... Europe is great don't get wrong especially big cities like nurnberg.. illesheim well nothing over there, but they still got the aviation base over there...
    I live in Heidelberg, one of the most beautiful cities in Germany.. second most expensive :-(.....
    yeh I pretty much got use to the old theme castle environment, but they are some ghetto areas lol.. you be surprise

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