Mexican Words Of The Day!!

  1. Mexican Words Of The Day!!

    Hey I will roll da joint and ju tell me if "juicy" da cops!

    I was running after you but I couldn't "cashew"!

    Your girls booty is so fine homie, BUDWEISER face so ugly!?!

    "Heeeyy man, we just burly got here and now you wanna leave already?"

    Green, Pink, Yellow
    Jose says, "Se, yes I can do this." He thinks for a second, then he says,
    "The phone rings...Green Green Green, I Pink it up and say, 'Yellow'

    Last week my ruca wrecked my car pero gracias a dios nothing happen 2 tha grill just defender.

    My vieja slapped me and I said, Juarez your freaking problem?

    Me and my ruca were taking a walk and chile me grab her ass!

    When me and my ruca have sex on the floor,
    I always burn my NISSAN the carpet.

    A US Border Patrol said if you are an American citizen, use these two words in a sentence.
    "I jump defense and landed on defeat."

    After arguing with the Policia he told me I was FRITO go.

    I turned around in bed, looked at my wife and said HIGHWAY! Put some makeup on!

    When my vieja found a girls name in my phone, she yelled at me and said "tell me HOOCHIE is"!

    Darn vato you came in the house all drunk and EUROPEAN everywhere!

    ICE CREAM....
    My boyfriend loves it cuando we have sex porque ICE CREAM!

    Muevete URINE my way!

    I beat this vato bad in basketball, so I was like INJURE face!

    My homie was drinking a bud light, so I go...Hey vato, where's mines? Then he goes, don't worry, WHEELCHAIR.

  2. Mexican Words Of The Day

    1. *Cheese*

    The teacher told Pepito to use the word cheese in a sentence.
    Pepito replies: Maria likes me, but cheese ugly.

    2. *Mushroom*
    When all my family get in the car
    There's not mushroom.

    3. *Shoulder*
    My fren wants 2 become a citizen,
    But che didn't know how to read,
    So I, shoulder.

    4. * Texas *
    When I'm not home,
    My fren always Texas me,
    Che wonders where Iam!

    5. *Herpes*
    Me and my fren ordered pizza.
    I got mine piece
    Then che got herpes.

    6. *July*
    Ju told me ju were going to tha store
    But ju went to see sum guy,
    July to me! Julyer!

    7. *Rectum*
    I had 2 cars
    But my wife rectum!

    8. *Chicken*
    I was going to go to the store with my wife
    But che said chicken go herself.

    9. *Wheelchair*
    We only have one enchilada left
    But don't worry wheelchair

    10. *Chicken* *wing*
    My wife plays the lottery so chicken wing.

    11. *Harassment*
    My wife caught me in bed with another women.
    I told her, "Honey, harassment nothen to me.

    12. *Bishop*
    My wife fell down the stair
    So I had to pick the bishop.

    13. *Body wash*
    I want to go to the club
    But no body wash my kids.

    14. *Budweiser*
    That women has a nice body,
    Budweiser face so ugly?

  3. lmao
    these are hilarious

    injure you face
    The difference between who you are and who you want to be is what you do.

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