learned the true meaning of misery yesterday

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    learned the true meaning of misery yesterday

    i had to go to a Christmas program put on by a local college that my daughter had a small part in(child playing)..the program was very nice..no complaints there...i had to get there 45 minutes b4 it started to get a parking space and make my way to my seat..unfortunately whoever designed these super tiny chairs did not design them for a 235lb man..the top of the back of the chair was digging into my lower rib cage..after 30 minutes of pure pain and misery its now time for the show to begin(2 hours)..then it happened..the most painful Tren-X back pumps i have ever had..now my ex-inlaws wanted me to have a front row view of my daughters program so of course im sitting in the front row 2 feet from the stage so i cant stand or move..after an additional 45 minutes it now felt like i was giving birth via my right kidney..finely it was over and i survived..reminder to self for next year dont double of the Tren dose i missed that morning 1 hour before her program

  2. LMAO!!! Nice, man, nice... Next time, mix a BCAA drink and add extra Taurine to take with ya. Now ya know, and now ya know better.

    I can top that...not that it's a competition... major SD back pumps followed by full-on ab-storm mid ugly-bumpin... Yeah, NOT the way i wanted to go out.
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