Motivate Me. Motivate You.

  1. Motivate Me. Motivate You.

    I remember my few years of training - diet wasn't half as good as today, equipment I used wasn't half as good as today - but my motivation was.

    I had a burning desire to train. Even if the gains were marginal.

    The psychological game with androgens is not something I expected. A trip to the gym now, not on a certain supplement or hormone seems almost pointless. It's like I don't believe I can make natural gains anymore. And I know this isn't the case, I swear I do. I don't slack on my diet, but still - the burning motivation isn't there.

    Before it more fun. I was 6'1'' 175lbs 7% BF, but damn I thought I was strong and massive. I was for highschool I guess.

    Just today, its turned from a fun game to a game of strictly "science". I am educated to make better gains than ever, but I don't consistantly have fun anymore.

    I have my moments, but the motivation goes away.

    It doesn't make sense though. I worry about my body more so that ever today. The Diet is great, supplements are taken at proper times. I don't drink. I look in every mirror I pass. I have a positive attitude, get to the gym, do a couple sets, and then I want to go home. But I don't come home, I stay there and finish the workout (because I have to) not because I want to.

    We all have these days, but it comes too often for me.

    I come home and think about where my motivation went.
    I don't have a training partner and that would definitily help me.

    Any suggestions or thoughts are appriciated.
    Any personal experiences in dealing with the psychological effects of androgens are definitly welcome.
    I just hope someone says something that will make this fun again.
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  2. I've been there a couple of times, and what has helped me this last time was to just forgot about all the damn supps and concentrate on a new diet and training routine. I look forward to seeing how far I can push myself, and how much I can accomplish with just the aids of diet, training, and rest. I love bodybuilding. I live for it, but sometimes it does get old. The ones that make it are the ones that can adapt when things get tough. I'm sure you are looking for something inspirational, but this is what works for me. Maybe a week or two off, spending the time taking care of other things in your life would help. I bet once you start seeing yourself shrink and get lose again, you will have all the motivation you need.

  3. I got that feeling when on M1T and stayed on longer than expected because I was afraid of what would happen post-cycle. When was the last time you took a break?? As NPursuit said, take a week (or more) off, see how you feel and then I'll bet you hit the gym harder than ever. I usually feel more motivated when I have a specific goal..if you just go to the gym and lift weights, its kinda redudant IMO. Everything is about goals...if you have no specific goal and are just trying to 'get bigger and stronger', its hard to feel good about yourself..

  4. I was having the same kind of feelings about three weeks ago - going to the gym wasn't much fun, more of a chore then pleasure, wanted to go home after 3 sets. I believe time off is the key to revitalizing that desire, hence I went to Europe (pre-planned for months) for 2 weeks. The 2 weeks off helped me relax and after loosing 8 pounds and getting that flat look I couldn't wait to get back in the gym. Started back last Wed. and it's been great ever since. Mental recupperation is a must IMO to maintain the desire to train effectively. Take some time off enjoy the summer a little, the gym will always be there then start off fresh.

  5. i've been lifting for over 15 years consistently, but in the last few years i've had the same problem with motivation to lift naturally without androgens or without the newest supplements. In the late 80's-early 90's, i was using all useless suppplements other than protein powder. i went natural after that until the late 90's when effective ph's hit the market. now, there are even effective supplements like the creatine volumizers which work really well for me since i'm a creatine mono non-responder. i've finally broken thru my plateau with supplements, but when i don't work out with'em anymore, i can't make any progress caused i've reached and exceeded my natural, physical genetic potential. what to do?

  6. I pop in a my tape of pumping iron and make myself watch it. It helps somehow remotivate me. There are always ways to improve, if you really feel you have all the muscle you are going to get without more drugs or food then focus on leaning out and getting ripped. A ripped 17" arm looks more impressive than a smooth 19" arm IMO.

    I have been using Diesel Fuel lately and that gives me a bit more drive than normal. Chocomine is supposed to give energy and focus also so I will try that next.

    I kinda know where you are coming from I used to juice but now I can't and the gains are much harder to come by. I am determined to not let that stop me from reaching my best.

    In the late 80's-early 90's, i was using all useless suppplements other than protein powder
    Remember Anabolic Activator? That one was some sick stuff cow brains and all, swear it helped me to cut like crazy but back them I'd gain 5 lbs tripping over a dumbell.

  7. I think im going to try BSLs GO.
    I don't work out unless I have 100% energy. I miss workouts because of that mindset but hopefully this will help me out.
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