Happy Birthday Pete

  1. Happy Birthday Pete

    Happy Birthday my friend.. I hope you have a great day

  2. Don't lift to hard today bro,Happy b-day!!!

  3. Happy b-day Pete! Have a t-bone....some cake and a few brews! Just don't over do it, remember you still got to fit into all those exotic type clothes you like to wear

  4. happy b-day, bro

  5. I'm wearing my pink Ralph Lauren Polo today, for those wondering about the "exotic" wardrobe..

    Thanks alot, brothers!

  6. Have a couple of double whoppers for me bro. Happy Birthday!

  7. OW OW! Happy B-day you leather pants + pink feather boa person you!

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  8. Have a great birthday, Pete!!

  9. Happy B-day Pete...Enjoy the day!!!!
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  10. Have a good one Pete! I recommend:

    1. Eating disgusting amounts of cake, ice cream, and/or pizza
    2. Drinking enough alcohol to not remember doing so.

  11. Sweet deal....have a good one...

  12. Enjoy your day big man. And no doubt, rock those pinks brother.

  13. Happy B-day, fatso. (jk ) Hope you get everything you want this B-day.

  14. Happy B'day bro. Have a good one.

  15. Happy birthday Pete!

  16. Happy Birthday you big bastard

  17. Happy Birthday Pete!

    Hope you make it into the bar tonight. Maybe I'll see ya there.

  18. I have the same birthday as Pete, I feel special now. Happy B-day my fellow gemini.


    Damn, had I known I woulda sent you that leather thong you've been talking about. Hope you got your own "private dancer" for your present.

  20. Happy b-day. Now get some free whoppers


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