What are the other sites you visit?

  1. What are the other sites you visit?

    I know many of the guys here belong to other boards and such. So I guess my q. is two parts. First is other then our homebase AM, what are the other bb boards do you think are good. I used to go to Swolecats site and gotfina.com. But with gotfina.com gone, this is really the only board I go to. Second are there other sites/ boards you go to? Doesn't have to be BB or weights. Mine are:
    www.southernbulldogs.com - this were I bought my baby
    www.rossboxing.com -Burpee Mania!
    www.getfitnow.com -forum only
    www.pitdogs.org/jacksonkennels/html -maybe the next dog I get
    www.t-mag.com -I still go but the site is going down hill.
    www.stewsmith.com - ex-SEAL=all about being in SEAL-like Shape.
    www.trainforstrength.com ex-Navy Diver/MMA fighter-tough workouts.
    www.lse.ac.uk - where I am going to get my Ph.D
    www.georgetown.edu - grad student here now (No jokes about being surprised-everybody says that to me

    And as I have said that this is really the only board I go to for BBing advice.
    I have memberships at Steroidology.com and Anabolicfreakz.com also, but almost never post.

    So what are your sites...

  2. Anyone?

  3. Superior muscle--AAS section only
    World class BB'ing---AAS section only
    Anabolic Freaks---AAS section only
    BB.com---AAS section only
    CEBB---to chat with some people

    *used to go to 'ology when I first started researching AAS, but now I can't stand MOST of the mods/members there...

    When doing a search for some information that I need in a hurry, I go to just about every board till I'm satisfied...

  4. Yeah but are there other sites or boards you go to? Oh BTW Jergo thanks.

    The reason why I did this is because many of us have similar intrests. And I am sure there are boards out there (bbing and anything else) that I have not seen. For example, if Jergo loves Video games and he has a good site that reviews video games, then I can just come here and click when I am thinking about buying a game. I was hoping for a refrence guide, of sorts. And it does not have to be only BBing. It could be about books, audio equipment, dogs, cats, bevers...anything that you have an intrest in.

  5. Hi Guys,

    BodyBuilding sites :
    bb.com if I want to have a laugh or feel in the need of a flaming!
    That's pretty much about it.

    Other sites :
    the board sponsers from here
    chineseschoolgirls.com (only j/k!)
    And anything that I need at the time, ie if I want to buy concert tickets I'll go to ticketmaster etc.



  6. Thanks guys. ....Yeah this went f*#kin well

  7. LOL, yeah I hear what you mean...its a good idea, but I don't really visit any other sites other than BB'ing...unless I'm looking for something in particular...

    Bump for more replies though...

  8. I visit a lot of sports websites because I play fantasy baseball (a lot of fun).

    I spend a lot of time over at Iron Addicts website/forum.

    Whenever I'm researching a product I go to Bodybuilding.com b/c usually they have 3 or 4 times the amount of reviews that this site does. Besides that, I'm always here!

  9. Besides that, I'm always here!
    Yeah. I hear that. I get up in the morning and come right to this site....man I am sad


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