Testicular Pain

  1. Testicular Pain

    I have been experiencing testicular pain for two weeks. Most of the pain is in the cord attached to my left nut. There is also slight pain in the nut and it radiates from the left to right, but mainly the left.

    Doctor did ultra sound, hernia check and tested for infections. Found nothing and gave me no answers.

    Is it possible to strain that area of your body? Has anyone experienced this? The pain decreased slightly after 6 days of no gym, but seemed to increase back during my leg day.

  2. Press on the abdomen at the belt line on the side of the pain. If it helps the pain subside, you have a mild sports hernia. This is inflammation of the hole in the abdominal wall through which the spermatic cord passes. Increasing omega 3 dosage will help combat this inflammation.
    Paging Dr. Banner. . .

  3. Actually, that worked.

    The doctor only checked under the testicles for the hernia and I thought there were several types of hernias. If its a sports hernia, do you recommend no gym, or keep it light?

  4. The pain goes all the way up to the lower left abdominal area.

  5. What was the resolution with this, I have a similar pain that just started

  6. **** I didn't mean to leave that guy hanging - I trained around it and after a few months it went away. Anabolic pump (the version with cissus) actually seemed to help, but that may have been coincidence.
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  7. blue balls?
    if blow was characterized as a guy, consider me a homosexual :)

  8. Just spitballin' but could be epididimitis or varicocele. I had both and they both will cause testicular pain.

  9. Every so often I get that in my right one....usually a lil sechs takes care of it for some reason....releases some pressure, maybe? IDK......
    True story:

    I give a f**K!!

  10. Wow, it has been sometime since I've last posted. I had several test done, including an ultrasound and nothing was found. The pain went away after a near three weeks.

    Unfortunately I still have not been able to work out. Before the testicular pain I had major hypertension (170/95) from an overdose in a supplement and I am now suffering from a hand injury. Fifteen stitches and a lot of glue. Hopefully I am good to go within a few more weeks!



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