After the BAN?

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    After the BAN?

    I'm wondering what people on the Forum think will happen after the Ban. I know many of you are stocking up but there will come an end to the stash someday. Then what? I can't help but think that there will be a big black market on banned items. I'm not sure that will be a good thing given some of the dangers involved with these compounds.

    Just wanted to read some of your thoughts on the subject. I for one am seriously pissed at the Ban thinking that it's just a way for the big Pharm. Co's to rake in big $ on products they already have lined up to hit the "Boomers" with as anti-aging HRT products.

    Thoughts please.



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    well with any ban there is going to be a black market and people are going to have to take time to read and study before doing PH's or AAS just like always... BTW Ash, I am glad to see we have someone your age on the forum..

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