Goddamnit, just started my holidays and my car was broken into!

  1. Goddamnit, just started my holidays and my car was broken into!

    Well lucky me, I was at work on Saturday and got a call over the radio!informing me that my car had been broken into. This was in broad daylight, and not more than 50 feet from the "security" shack just off the complex parking lot. Needless to say I'm less than impressed over the whole scenario, as just the night before (unbeknown to myself at the time) there were 3 other breakins as well. Like 4 or 5 hours later the perps came back for more, and I was one of the two lucky victims.

    The bastards smashed out my passenger side front window to gain entry, and proceeded to do the following:

    Rip alpine head unit from dashboard
    Steal my cd wallet containing around 100 rare, expensive and many unreplacable metal cds
    Steal my radar detector
    Steal my g-tech pro performance meter
    Open the trunk and remove my capacitor, and one alpine amplifier

    Thanks to one small bit of fortune it looks like they got spooked partway through the job, and bolted before they could remove my sub box and 2 12 inch subs, and phoenix gold 4 channel amp as well (although I sure as hell won't tell the insurance company about that). So far I've been only able to find one of the receipts covering the alpine amp and subs/box, but not the one for the cd deck/four channel amp. I don't yet know how sticky my insurance company will be in demanding for proof of receipts as of yet, so I may be SOL for some of the items stolen.

    The timing of this really pisses me off, I was one day away from the start of my 3 weeks of summer holidays, and now I'm left with an undrivable vehicle and the stress/hassle of trying to get a decent settlement from my insurance company. I sure as hell didn't need this kind of **** right now, as I'm likely to spend my 3 weeks away from work in a lousy mood, and basically feel angry/pissed off at the world. Damnit!!!!

  2. Dude, I feel for ya.Last year on my birthday, my truck window got broken out in the crowded gym parking lot no dobt.They took my wallet, clothes, glasses, cell phone...ran up $500 in charges on my cards within 30 minutes, I had them cancelled within an hour..then days later, (luckily I contacted the credit buearus), got a call saying someone was trying to get a sear card with my social....sucks

  3. Yeah man, sorry to hear that....

    Anymore now, I don't have subs or nothing like that in my car....I just have the head unit in there and some descent 6x9's to replace the factory's speakers when buying the car...to much to deal with anymore, and people around here are still doing that **** with them thinking they can get away with this stuff....had my subs stolen once when I was in High school, never again...plus after awhile, my hearing took a beating...

    I also make backed up copies of all my CD's now and have 'em in a CD visor case, etc...

    Also, make sure you tell your insurance company the absolute truth bro....I know you feel like somebody owes you something as did I, but they'll find out about fraud, trust me......three people that I know in the last two months just got buried with charges for doing that, and one was even a cop...it just ain't worth it...do what you can, and then write everything else off as a loss...

  4. Sorry to hear about it.

    My adivce, in the future spend that money on strippers, hookers, and muscle building compounds instead of the car stuff, which i do not even know what it is.
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  5. Amen brother!

  6. usually if you have pictures and **** like that, some insurance companies will cover it.

    Also why the hell dont you have an alarm? http://www.clubgpstore.com/itemview.asp?item****109 if i may make a recommendation, def look into this one for the future.


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