health related jobs

  1. health related jobs

    Do any of you guys have jobs in the health field and/or related areas? Im going to be graduating this year with my B.S. in Exercise and Sport Science and Im trying to get ideas for careers and/or grad school.

  2. I would consider graduate school if you have the grades and ability. Graduate school in that field is HEAVILY research based so if you do not like research forget about it.

  3. Im a fitness trainer but only doing this until i attend graduate school in 2005, when i can specialize in sports medicine and physical therapy. With a bacelor of science, you have several choices but going to graduate school to further you knowledge depth, even more opportunities will come about. Atleast thats my take on my current situation. If you get yourself into a right situation, personal training isnt a bad gig what so ever. I know bros making six figures being a PT annually.

  4. I was a personal trainer for a while. I didn't make sh*t though. I also didn't like training the type of people I was training, which was the only kind of clients I could get around where I live. Another thing I hated was that fake ass fitness club atmosphere. Anyway, I also have put a lot of thought into physical therapy school, but I am having second thoughts about it. It seems as though it is the same kind of atmosphere as personal training.

  5. After getting my first degree, I'm still deciding on what field I want to go in...

    Dunno about other areas, but now in PA, nursing has been moved down to a 2 year program due to such high demand...hell of a lot of work though..

    I looked into training for a dietician, etc, but for the amount of schooling you gotta endure, the pay just totally sucks...unless you got movie stars/pro athletes under your supervision...

    Next field I looked into was alike you guys, Physical therapy....again, too much school for myself...others may not mind it...

    Also, check out those tech programs at those health/biz can become like a X-ray tech, anathesiologist tech, etc. under two years and get job placement and a descent pay w/ benefits working in an air-conditioned hospital draping lead over people and pushing a button....not too bad if you ask me....just don't expect to be buying yachts any time soon...LOL..

  6. I was thinking the same thing about physical therapy. Its too much school, at least 3 to 4 more years of grad classes, for the amount of pay. I could go to school for 1 more year and get a degree in cytotechnology and be making almost the same as a physical therapist, without all of the people to deal with.

  7. Personal training and a PhD/Master's in Exercise Physiology(exercise science, etc) are VASTLY different.

    This is not intended to be insulting so please do not take it in such a manner. Graduate programs are completely different than undergraduate studies. It is a full time job just going to class, studying, and doing research. If you are interested in taking your education to the next level, then it is necessary to speak with faculty members before your graduation. Your need to develop a respectful relationship as recommendations from former teachers are used to determine if you will be a fit into a specific program. Also, it is necessary to understand what specifically one is getting involved in. Individuals who enter graduate programs without a full understanding of graduate studies are often gone in 6 months.

    My point is that it is a decision that should not be taken lightly. one needs to be fully dedicated.
  8. Thumbs up

    I'm a Doctor of Chiropractic. i highly recommend it if you're into the health and sports aspect of medicine. But it's alot of hard work for the 4 years you are in chiro school. 9-5, 4 national boards, 1 state exam and a ****load of school exams. In the end though, treating patients is so rewarding. you get to use your brains and "cracking" backs is so much fun!

  9. What exactly does your job entail as a chiropractor?

  10. Quote Originally Posted by ballzasteel
    What exactly does your job entail as a chiropractor?
    i am a primary care physician who specializes in musculoskeletal complaints without the use of drugs or surgery. i use manual therapy such as ART/MRT, mobilization, chiropractic adjustments, rehab, etc and physiotherapy such as ultrasound, e-stims, traction machines, supplements, etc. to treat musculoskeletal problems.


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