1. nba

    im an all-seattle sports fan. my mariners blew it this year, hawks are blalently 1-5. huskies aint making the rose bowl.....only to look forward to is my sonics man. any thoughts on the up and coming season? here are my wills and wonts of the season.

    Will happen: 1) no team from the eastern conference will have an overall better record than the top6 teams from the western conference. 2) clippers will make the playoffs 3) no one will watch the allstar weekend's team ball (the one with a wnba and nba player shooting
    Wont happen: 1) jordan wont play more than 50 games, 2)yaoming wont be the "shaq stopper" 3) lakeshow wont win again

  2. more predictions....why not.

    ~tmac gonna lead the league in scoring/game
    ~desmond masong will win dunk contest
    ~worst team (record) will belong to the nuggets
    ~best record team will be dallas (wont win it all)
    ~biggest lost: knicks (mcdyess)
    ~biggest addition: glenn robinson (hawks) tied dikembe mutombo (nets)
    ~rookie of the year: amare stoudemire
    ~mvp: tmac

  3. i cant wait to see what my new team, new orleans hornets do this year !

  4. I'm a Celtics fan.  Kind of dates me, I guess, but I like the Beatles and Led Zep, also.

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