Upper middle back problem please help!!

  1. Upper middle back problem please help!!

    Last year I played in the Alumni Football game and i injured my upper back by reaching out and pushing off of someone. Im sure it was a pulled muscle because it was hard to breathe and i could barely move.. It bothered me for about a month and then went away.. Here lately Ive had a weird feeling in the same spot.. upper middle back below shoulder blade on the right side. I work out all the time and it doesn't seem to bother me when doing lifts. It does bother me when i walk with correct posture.. also when i roll my back and lean forward i can feel a pain in that spot..When i sit up correctly and use good posture it seems to bother me.. so my question is... is it just because i sit too long playing games/ computer with bad posture and i need to just sit correctly ... and what do you think i should do.. i was thinking about going to the chiropractor. I try stretching it by doing the hand on the corner of a wall and pull then repeat for the other side.. I can feel it stretch but there is still a weird pain there.. It always feels like i need to pop it or something.. then if i do it almost hurts worse for a minute.. Its obvious i shouldn't pop it any more.. but sometime i cant help it cuz it feels like it can pop and be better.

  2. All I can say is valarian root and kava kava will help you sleep.
    I have alot of back issues from car accedent. but i push nyself to lift.
    I STRONGLY rec an M.R.I. from your doc on your back.

  3. Yeah mine isnt as severe as yours.. I sleep fine.. and my daily functions are fine.. i just know that im on the edge of hurting it again.. and ive tried sitting correctly the past hour and took some benadryl back and body's and it seems like it has eased up... i play MW2 for a couple of hours a day and i think that and being on the computer has messed up my posture and being that ive been lifting alot the last 4 months and have been working on my back.. i believe that might be the cause.. I have another alumni game coming up and i dont want it to happen again.. im all beast now and wanna rip some heads...

  4. Try the chiro. I've had similar pains that won't go away with stretching. Getting an adjustment and releasing the nerves usually helps me.

  5. Alright thanks man.. i think imma do that soon!

  6. So... i made a home style FOAM ROLLER.... did wonders on my back.. just wanted to update and tell ya what worked for me.. google how to make one if you dont want to go buy one.. but i would recommend buying one after it actually worked.. i went and got one.

  7. I just read over your post. I had a similar problem, and it was a rib out. I got it put back and i have felt great ever since. just a suggestion

  8. ok cool man.. thanks for the info.. Ive heard alot of people say something about it being one of the "floating ribs." It hasent bothered me much since i started doing the foam roller and some yoga/palates.. If it messes up again i will have it checked out.


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