class hole

  1. class hole

    so i was in class today and i keep my supps and books in the same backpack cuz i work out right after class. i took out my mdrol grabbed a pill and went to the drinking fountain to take it. i didnt notice till after class but some idiot jacked my mdrol. i def remember puttin it back in my bag. right when i checked to see if it was there, i went crazy. what the **** kinda person steals supps. im so praying in the next couple weeks that my teacher says one of our students is sick and needs a new liver so i could find out who and damage this kid up some more


    j/k...that does suck.
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  3. Chuck Norris heard you had some of his genetic makeup, so he took it back.

    Ya, it sucks I would always keep my hdrol in a little pill-thing on my keys and left the bottle at home.

  4. How old are you? **** sounds like some High school crap.
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  5. Hahahah fda. Naw college, 22. Stupid ass people. It was a good bottle, more than half

  6. Well, if a guy walks in thats gained about 20lbs in a few weeks, you know it's the big guy :P

  7. lol i was thinkin that, ill give him a purple nurple so he enjoys the gyno

  8. Whoever did it will give himself away. Just wait and see who gets big quicker than anyone else.

  9. or the guy screaming that he cant get an erection after not pcting

  10. Hope you had a spare or at least the proper pct ancillary's to mitigate the loss.
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