Lab Analysis of Coke

  1. Lab Analysis of Coke

    Does anyone know why Coca Cola hasn't been successfully lab analyzed to reveal its precise recipe yet?

    I'm wondering what they do so I can prevent competitors from copying my own supplement.

  2. My high school had a book series called Big Secrets, Bigger Secrets, and Even Bigger Secrets (or something like that). I remember reading in one of those books what some experts figured out the formula was. There is no way to be 110% certain since it is locked in a vault somewhere, but they were sure that they were right. I would imagine HPLC spectrums would reveal it, or very very close to it, same for supplements.

  3. It's not just the ingredients. It also has a lot to do with the actual process

    Exact temperatures, times and durations, the order in which ingredients are added and processes take place, etc.
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