The Steroid Witch Hunt in MLB

  1. The Steroid Witch Hunt in MLB

    This is kind of interesting:

    Compares facial structures and attributes steroid use to changes...
    Does this hold any validity?
    For growth hormone - i would suspect it does. But not common steroids..?
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  2. Not that I have ever read

  3. I was looking at family pictures the other night, if you look at me from a timeline when I was 20-30-39...there is a definate difference in my facial features and body composition..............I have never used AAS.....

  4. Canseco is the biggest difference.

  5. Thats the most ridiculous thing I've ever read in a while regarding steroid use...LOL...

    People's facial structures change as they get older. And even moreso when they gain weight....all those guys juice or not, when you gain weight, your face is gonna change...your body grows as a when your chest gets bigger, your traps get bigger....when your traps get bigger....your neck gets bigger/thicker....when your neck gets bigger.....your jawline/facial features will get bigger....

    They showed pics of Bonds and Sosa....those guys got bigger yes, but they also got FATTER. You can tell just by looking at 'em that that ain't, of course their face is gonna get fatter and look different...even if they were 8-9%, say if they were 6-7% prior, then you're gonna notice a change....

    Was this done by an actual Newspaper or something?? If so, they got some weirdo's working and writing for 'em...LOL...

  6. what a dork:

    Jason Giambi Uses HGH

    Yes, he does. He openly uses HGH so we can analyze what HGH use does to the body. Nevertheless, here's an excerpt from (

    "The New York Yankee's first-baseman, and American League’s 2000 MVP, Jason Giambi, also begins his day with a packet of hGH Promino-Plus AM, followed by breakfast.

  7. Whether or not aas changes bone structure i don't know. but i'm pretty sure it would be innacurate to determine bone structure change by pictures.

  8. I've heard of bloat from orals like Dbol or Drol, not anything that doesn't go away..


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