Silly Tattoo question

  1. Silly Tattoo question

    About two months ago i got a pretty large tribal tattoo on my right shoulder down to my elbow which cover's 80% of my upper arm.

    My question is; do you think with all that needle work and coloring (alot of coloring) that would effect nerve endings in that region? I notice that i dont "feel" my right arm the same way i "feel" my left arm during workouts. I measured and both arms are the same size (lol).

    Stupid question probably but i have noticed this since the tattoo.

  2. I have a lot of tattoo's (full sleeve, chest plate, leg sleeve, both rib cages) and I can say that the arm that I have no tattoos on, I feel less.
    I actually just went to a doctor and I have almost no feeling in the palm of my hands anymore, so maybe it is just something with age and as your body changes.

    But your theory could be dead on and I just have something weird going on.

  3. Hmmm strange for sure. Thanks for the comeback. I'll give it some more time and see what happens. I'm planning a 3 day layoff here soon so that may help too.

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