Was going thru some old pictures...

  1. Was going thru some old pictures...

    and found some gems from 2007, a trip to hawaii

    and me still pretty much a lardass at that point. probably only weight 210ish, I can look back and see I guess exactly what I was

  2. neato!!!
    Think training's hard,. try losing!

  3. I came in hoping for a large shark, I leave disappointed...

    Lol :P We lived in Hawaii for 4 years, we went on some whale watching and dolphin watching cruises when we were there... quality stuff

    Nice pics BTW

  4. damn easy, came a long way brother!!!!

    Congrats on all the HARD work its def paid off!

  5. Nice pics, always did have a soft spot for dolphins.

  6. It was funny almost getting run down by a pod of them. Here in florida, the pods are maybe 3-5 dolphins tops. I wasn't quite prepared for the 20 or so swimming past me there in hawaii

  7. nice pics what are the tats of just wondering?

  8. Quote Originally Posted by mich29 View Post
    nice pics what are the tats of just wondering?
    Theres a couple more since then but the one thats obvious there in the fat pic is a pepe le pew + penelope, and if you look my wife has the matching one (you can only see part of the tail) on her left side. I've got a tahitian tribal band that I got done there on Oahu on that trip, a few dragons, an anubis guard, and a uv ink scorpion on my hand.


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