New Recruit Here...Hooah

  1. Talking New Recruit Here...Hooah

    So at the suggestion of my brother I decided to come here and poke around. Let me say that this forum's reputation precedes itself. I've never seen the tools, advice, and knowledge all collected in one place like it is here. I'm a big football guy (Dolphins 2-0, eat it!!) so along with using this site to help me be a sexier beast - I'll be posting in the sports threads constantly!

    Now that I'm done sucking AM's ****'s the main reason I came here - for some help and suggestions:

    All my life I've been a "hard gainer". I've been able to out-eat 300lbs men like it's nothing (I'm 140) and not see an extra ounce. On top of that I've been in the Army for 9 years now, where we are required to do A LOT of cardio. Running 3-4 miles every day or every other day doesn't exactly help you gain weight. Most need it to keep their body fat % at/under the Army Standard and to make sure that our run time for the PT Test is at the appropriate level. I have FINALLY gotten into a job where I can actually hit the gym like I want to after work. But before I go out and buy some bull**** products that don't work and develop an ineffective workout routine I figured I'd ask the experts- namely you guys. Any suggestions are welcome weather it's diet/workout/supplements/etc.

    One question I have that I haven't been able to get a straight answer on is - What's the best weightgainer? Ok, yea, I've heard "dude just get the one with the most calories and protein"...but most have like 6 servings per jug at like $60 a pop! Not to mention drinking a gallon of this **** a day is next to impossible...let alone maintaining any sort of diet when you're always full of shake-mix!!! Like I said any help is appreciated.

    And if I posted this in the wrong thread I IS my first post.....just point me in the right direction and I'll delete this and put it in the right place.
    until now. yup I put money on every game too. excuse me while i go drink myself smart.

  2. Quote Originally Posted by neofrost83 View Post
    I've been able to eat-out 300lbs men like it's nothing

    J/K -LOL. Welcome aboard!

  3. HA! You actually made me re-read my original post. I was thinking "wow...great way to give a good first impression!".
    until now. yup I put money on every game too. excuse me while i go drink myself smart.

  4. I'm no expert by any means, but you might want to post up your typical daily diet in the bulking forum. There's info in there for hard gainers such as yourself. Also, look into GOMAD, and ,of course, lift heavy.

    Good Luck

  5. welcome

    RIP Ryan, :(

  6. Welcome to the home of great people....and everybody else..LOL


  7. Welcome to the mad house!


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