Android app for AM on mobile phones??? Who wants it???

  1. Android app for AM on mobile phones??? Who wants it???

    Ive seen that there is an iphone app out there....

    Given all the new android devices available on just about every single carriers (def the major 4 verizon, att, tmobile, sprint) network, the number of people owning these phones will quickly, if not already, out number the amount of iphone owners out there.

    I personally had the first android phone available, the G1, and now own the samsung vibrant on t-mobile, my buddy has the evo 4g from sprint and my work out partner just got the new droid x on verizon.....all awesome phones that imo just school any iphone...

    So why don't we have an app for our phones yet? Its not even a hard platform to develop for, I haven't even done one yet but I'm certain in a week or two I could learn and produce an awesome app using the tap-a-talk native forums as a base, I know they work for multiple other sites that use vbulletin for their forums.

    Just an idea, who all would be interested in such an app, especially bobo.... still running the boards, right?

  2. Wow guess AM oas up on their game!

    just downloaded the normal tapatalk asp for my phone and ran a search for and there it is! Or forum administrator had already activated tapatalk for their vbulletin based forum.

    So I suppose if anyone wants to have an awesome forum app for theory android phone just dl tapatalk from the market, looks like there's a free version, and type in in thee search then sign in through the menu button on your phone and your set!

    Gotta love technology.

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